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Basically? My brief(ish) comments on the form itself are all you need to know. I am up for ANYTHING since I've been out of fandom for so long and I'm just dipping my toes back in now. I really want to be surprised and I promise I am *really* easy, I will read just about anything as long as it's written with enthusiasm for the subject. If I can tell that you had fun, I'm having fun ;)


In real-life news, we got busy today and forgot to pick up a case of cat food at the vet, so to tide us over until tomorrow, my dad just went to the store and bought a single can of cat food. Somewhere out there, there's a cashier who sold a single can of cat food to a 63 year-old man tonight and is probably really sad about what that MEANS. Poor kid.


Still in job limbo between 2 positions. Luckily, plenty to do in job limbo since I am in 2 positions at once.


I'm doing research for my own Not-Prime-Time assignment tonight. Which means I'm playing video games. ALL EVENING LONG. YASSSSS.
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So I just signed up for [community profile] not_primetime at the very last second.

Hilariously, looking at the numbers, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person both requesting and offering a certain fandom.

Three to one I get matched with myself! :D


In other news, work is insane because my managers and supervisors literally seem to be revising my job description on a daily basis. Yesterday myself and a co-worker were told we were taking over all of Foreign Service but also continuing to take on a full file load at our regular jobs, essentially operating at 150% compared to our 4 other coworkers doing the same job and making the same salary. Today I was told I'm fully transitioning over on Monday without the entire other job, and he's just going to be training as my backup. So I really have no idea what tomorrow will bring.

fI know what I want to have happen... I mean, obviously what I was told today is not as enraging as what I was told yesterday. But I'm wary of believing too much in the favourable scenario, because over the last year I've been almost constantly in a position of being expected to perform dazzling feats of multi-tasking. From January to April I was technically working 3 jobs at once.

I'm fuckng tired, man. Can I just learn one goddamn job and do it for more than a week in a row?
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I'm writing a novel-length fic for NaNoWriMo! I decided it might be a good idea to participate in some way, the better to stomp this awful block I've been wrestling with since last November's epic fail, but I knew that 50,000 original words was not the way to go right now, after a year of cluelessness.

So I spent all weekend thinking up a list of hilariously bad ideas (omg so bad), and finally hit on one that didn't make me roll my eyes five minutes into planning it! Yay! In fact, I started typing out a few thoughts and before I knew it, I had 2 single-spaced pages and had followed the basic plotline all the way to the end.


And then I info-dumped all over [ profile] donnagirl and [ profile] arabella_hope (hey, are you still [personal profile] spice on DW, by the way? Because that makes us too adorable for words, I'm just sayin'...) which is a sure sign of commitment on my part. Or so my track record would indicate. Also a good sign: having two weeks before I'm technically allowed to start isn't frustrating me the way it normally would. I actually am psyched that I get to plan in deeper detail between now and then.

It's got all kinds of themes I love crammed into it, which helps. Like robots! Yay, robots! Not that I'll be spilling much of it here until it's all the way done (actually, if all goes well I'm hoping to post it as a big bang next spring). I just wanted to spew a little bit of my overly earnest excitement at you.

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I'm queer. I mostly like girls, but sometimes I like boys, and sometimes I like people who are neither, or both.

Now this is a holiday I can feel good about, as opposed to the incoherent muddle that is Thanksgiving, which we never seem to celebrate anyway.


We're having a comment party at [ profile] penny_lane_42's LJ and everyone who likes to write or read about ladies is invited! All fandoms welcome :)


Went to Geek Night at a local revue theatre yesterday. They were showing The Shining with what had to have been an original 1980 print - you should have seen the light damage and wear & tear on this thing. It had entirely forgotten the meaning of the word black. (Unfortunately, it hadn't forgotten the meaning of the N-word, which I'd forgotten was spoken multiple times in one scene. Even though it's being said by a crazed homicidal ghost and could probably be explained away as the character's word choice, not the filmmaker's, there's still something deeply uncomfortable about watching that scene nowadays. Just goes to show you how much the world has changed.)

Anyway, they do trivia contests for prizes on Geek Nights. Which means it's essentially "give Kath some prizes" night when you consider they're asking horror movie questions. I stopped after one prize, because I'm not that much of a dork, but yeah, I think Geek Night will be a thing from now on, if only for the cool prizes.

How do you like my new shower curtain?

It's way better than the flowered one I last used. I have vowed not to warn anyone ahead of time when they come to visit. Muahaha.

So, yeah. If you need someone to out-geek all your horror geeks, call me. Seriously, it's kind of my thing.


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