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1. [ profile] zelda_zee wrote a fantastic coda to the final episode: Being Jacob, gen, 750 words. ♥

2. I can ask this without spoiler-cutting, I think, but the comments will definitely be off-limits to spoilerphobes:

Friends, how do we feel about Charlie with regards to the finale the entire last season?

3. It's Tuesday, and my icon is making me sad. DAMN YOU, BEN. I don't even like ham. *sobs* Can Tuesday be Coq au Vin day from now on?
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I don't know how much I'm going to say about the LOST finale in this post. I have a lot to say, I think, but I've been leaving it in comments on other people's journals all day and I'm a little bit tired, now. I should have done it here first!

LOST brought me here to fandom and left me here to find my way, and I am ever so grateful that it did, and that I did. I met so many wonderful people through the show and the fandom around it, and I'm still friends with a surprising lot of them, despite mostly having moved away from it, fandom-wise, and have fond memories of lots of others. It gave me one of the best friends I've ever had in [ profile] arabella_hope (happy birthday, babe!! ♥) and it got me writing things I was actually interested in, which four years of fiction workshops weren't able to do. Even if the things I was interested in were strange and unusual by most sane people's standards.

So, yes, LOST. It's over! And how many of us now believe Darlton's claim that they've always known how it would end? Let me know how you feel about this, because I'm really interested in what everyone thinks.

LOST: The End - just a few thoughts and highlights )
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Dear LOST,

What on earth is going on???

Oh, I'm not talking plot-wise. No one knows what's going on plot-wise. That is no big deal, and you can go all St-Elsewhere snowglobe, for all I care. Go BSG and make your whole fandom crazy with impotent rage. Go on. I am actually pretty cool with that.

What I want to talk about is language. Or rather, languages. Because you have always been a multilingual show. Relatively speaking, probably the most multilingual show out there, to be honest, with whole episodes comprised of dialogue that was mostly in Korean, or Arabic, or Spanish. So why is it starting to seem, 3 or 4 episodes before the end, like there aren't any languages anymore?

No spoilers for content, just the way content is presented. )


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