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Because Halloween month starts Sunday, I just blew the rest of my birthday Amazon giftcard on a bunch of horror books. But before hitting any of those, I'm going to start with House of Leaves which I abandoned a few years ago (it's sooooo long and soooo heavy but soooo creepy).

I mean like literally heavy, I can't take it anywhere.

Anyway, so excited for scary things!


Things went from "not much on the horizon" to of insane in my life in no time at all. I'm going to my 20th high school reunion tomorrow, and there is some exciting work stuff in the works which means more responsibility, but also maybe less pressure to perform at superhuman levels, and although I literally just got back a week ago, I may be travelling again really soon.


I also have been re-reading my old fic as part of the first tasks in The Anatomy of Story, trying to figure out what I want out of stories and what kinds of ideas I gravitate toward. The intent was to use the lists as a starting point to find a really original, really *me* idea that I would be passionate about and would be able to write a whole book or screenplay about.

Instead I got stuck on this drabble sequence and how unsatisfied I am with it as a whole... and how much I think it might benefit from being fleshed way, way out.

So, I am considering writing a novel-length, Harmony-centric, queer and possibly gender-fluid fanfiction now. Nanowrimo, anyone?
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So I just signed up for [community profile] not_primetime at the very last second.

Hilariously, looking at the numbers, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person both requesting and offering a certain fandom.

Three to one I get matched with myself! :D


In other news, work is insane because my managers and supervisors literally seem to be revising my job description on a daily basis. Yesterday myself and a co-worker were told we were taking over all of Foreign Service but also continuing to take on a full file load at our regular jobs, essentially operating at 150% compared to our 4 other coworkers doing the same job and making the same salary. Today I was told I'm fully transitioning over on Monday without the entire other job, and he's just going to be training as my backup. So I really have no idea what tomorrow will bring.

fI know what I want to have happen... I mean, obviously what I was told today is not as enraging as what I was told yesterday. But I'm wary of believing too much in the favourable scenario, because over the last year I've been almost constantly in a position of being expected to perform dazzling feats of multi-tasking. From January to April I was technically working 3 jobs at once.

I'm fuckng tired, man. Can I just learn one goddamn job and do it for more than a week in a row?


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