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- I'm seeing Eddie Izzard tonight! I last saw him 2 or 3 years ago in Montreal, and he was awesome then (he stopped the show to catch a falling piece of confetti and make the world's tiniest paper airplane out of it!), but the crowd was kinda -__-. Montreal's that way, though, and I am expecting Ottawa to be awake for this shit tonight! Yay, I am psyched!

- This bag is waiting for me at home right now. Estimated delivery time of Monday, MY ASS! \o/ \o/ \o/

- These two tweets by Tom Lenk completely made my day yesterday. :D

- In spite of my continued writing confidence struggle and the various other things I'm working on, I fully intend on starting my LGBTfest fic this weekend. I chose a prompt that could apply to any fandom and then, for some reason, decided to use it for Freaks and Geeks. I was going to say I'd never written in anything like that fandom before, but that's not true, I have written Apatow-fic for Yuletide. Anyway, I am pretty excited about it :)

- I may be doing some flist maintenance this weekend. I have never really done a friends cut before. I was never much a fan of people who announce them. But I have some (very) longtime acquaintances I *never* interact with anymore. Most of the time I doubt they're even reading me, and yet their presence on the flist renders me pathologically self-conscious. Especially when it comes to personal change, which is, oh, kind of necessary. So, we'll see. (We'll always have Facebook and Twitter.)


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