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Oct. 4th, 2010 11:01 am
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Ugh. I have an icky throat almost-sick thing going on today, and the backs of my thighs are killing me from ripping up turf all day Saturday. Being doubled over for hours: I don't recommend it. Also, there were worms that bite and are unkillable!

Stupid hot tub. What good are you if Future!me hasn't time traveled back to say hi and offer Present!me a trip to next month and a nice relaxing soak?

I really will just keep making that same joke over and over. Sorry!

In other bad comedy news, my dad and I had this conversation yesterday:

Dad: "Aw, man, I meant to mow the lawn this weekend, but now I won't have the time."
Me: "You know if you think about it in terms of averages, we did mow the lawn. I mean, we mowed half the lawn a whole lot, and the rest not at all."
Dad: *stare*

Well, I thought it was funny, but maybe only because I was severely exhausted from ripping up a huge patch of turf with my bare hands.

Sometime this week, I have to message someone at [livejournal.com profile] whedonland and see what my status is there. I am thinking "shunned" is a good guess. I'm also thinking, "But I kept posting to you long after I stopped posting anywhere else!" isn't going to make a good counter-argument to the shunning. It's been months, and I totally defaulted on the giftgiving thing, and I don't even know if I got a gift myself (crap, did I get a gift? I'm scared to look.) I really need to make it up to... someone. Anyone? Everyone? Is there such a thing as landcomm community service? /o\

Oh, and: Otis sends in an elevator expert to tell us all what to do if we are stuck in an elevator with the devil. Thank goodness they got an expert's advice on this pressing issue!
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You guys, I am so stupidly sick at work. I don't even know how I managed to get here, although I definitely remember there were cold sweats involved. Sorry, commuter buddies. Ew.

Actually, everyone at my house is sick, and a giant drama queen. Yesterday my father decided that this felt WORSE THAN CANCER. Yes, he actually declared it like that. And considering he's a cancer survivor and I'm not, I don't really have any rebuttals for him, other than playing him a YouTube clip of Really??? with Seth and Amy over and over. But come on, a little perspective, please?

Meanwhile, I am dying. OK, not really. But I probably would have called in sick if I'd known the big job I was expecting at noon had been poached by another office! Bastards! Now I'm sitting here bored when I could be home having an Arrested Development marathon (I have never once watched that show while healthy) in my brand new red bedroom! OMG SO PRETTY.

Oh yeah, that's why I haven't been around much: we're in the middle of having the house painted right now, and so there's been a lot of unplugging and shuffling and lugging and reorganizing. It's my first time hiring a company to do it, and they sent one person. Her name is Vanessa, and she is painting OUR ENTIRE HOUSE. She's really good at it, and she's very nice, but I am still finding it quite odd. They had one guy come in for a few hours to do the ceilings, but apart from that, this one person has been painting quite steadily for a week now. She even came in on Saturday. My mom tried to feed her lunch.

Anyway, we've now got some nice sandy beige in our hallways and common spaces, and a silvery purple colour in the bathroom, and a seriously looks-like-it-was-born-there beautiful neutral pink on my parents' walls, and when I get home tonight, probably a yellow kitchen. And my room is a colour they call Rodeo red. I wanted something really rich and saturated because I've got a lot of paintings and prints that I love and want to accentuate. It got done yesterday and I LOVE it, but I was also too out of it to move any of my stuff back into the room last night, so I've been sleeping in there with just my blank, unadorned furniture crowded around my bed like an audience for going on 4 days now. It's been weird.

On a related note, sometime this weekend I had a dream that in order to stay asleep, I had to think all my thoughts in alphabetical order. Hm.


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