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Great post by [ profile] scribblinlenore about the fanfic fiasco: Get over yourself. You are not Story. In fact, you're just one of six billion storytellers who are alive on the planet right now. The fact that you write your stories down, and get paid for them, and maybe you're even exceptionally good at storytelling—none of that gives you some special ownership over something that's as old as humanity and as necessary as breathing.


A rec: Luck Be A Lady (With a Motherfucking Gun) by [profile] lady_krysis, Deathproof zombie apocalypse fic. Not even a stretch, because Planet Terror totally happens in the same part of the world, like, one week after Deathproof :)


Even just taking your ficlet prompts (five prompt spots left, by the way, in case you felt like a free ficlet!) helped me get my ass in gear. Now I've got a decent beginning for my way overdue charity story (as opposed to the 4 horrid beginnings that got scrapped) and I've started up an intentionally cheesy never-to-be-posted fic just for my own enjoyment. And the prompts I've gotten are just the right combo of cool and insane. I'm excited to use words again. In sentences and everything. :)


Survivor's doing a whole Wicker Man thing right now. It's kinda disturbing.
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Look what [ profile] lgbtfest brought us: What A Million Girls Would Kill For, an Emily-centric The Devil Wears Prada fic by [ profile] woldy! It's lovely :)

I was gone for a while. I'm back now! Just in time for huge wank in the wankiest of fandoms. I mean, wow.

Okay, first of all, WinCon is a private event, which means the organizers have every right to refuse anyone, regardless of the reason.

Second, they seem to have provided a fairly clear reason to you, o Banned One.

Third, are you seriously demanding proof that you or your actions made one person or several people feel uncomfortable? Here's all the proof you need: you have been asked not to return. If there had been no issue then, then there would be no issue now! No one would have spoken up, but someone did. That is all anyone needs to know about it, as far as I'm concerned.

Fourth, way to amplify your own wank by about 10,000%. I never would have heard about this if the person involved hadn't started posting and commenting all over the place about it.

Fifth, the lawyering claims are jaw-droppingly hilarious. Trying to salvage the reputation of your online pseudonym by relinquishing the anonymity it offers you in this case? Really? You think that's wise? Now I've really seen it all.

I mean, this is "greatest hits"-level wank. Insert popcorn gif here. Sigh.


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