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Is it just me, or is How I Met Your Mother suddenly back in major gear this season? It seems like they realized they were floundering aimlessly and decided to get their shit together again. Sort of like the way LOST recovered from Bai Ling et al in its last couple of seasons. I am hopeful! And wondering if they have an end-date set. Is that why they're suddenly so much better at telling stories that don't suck?

And is everyone watching the brilliant Raising Hope? Two episodes in and it's already among my top five shows to watch this season. Oh, and bonus: my longstanding crush on Martha Plimpton is finally getting out for some exercise! Which is great, because I just saw her a couple of weeks ago in an AWFUL, AWFUL movie at the Toronto film festival, so the crush was in danger of being torpedoed by association. Anyway, the show is awesome; I never stop laughing.

(I wish the baby had gotten to keep the name Princess Beyonce, though!)

Which brings me to: I went to the film festival for my birthday and it was pretty damn cool! )

Oh, also, Eli Roth was totes stalking me. I almost mowed him over twice while leaving theatres because he was hanging around outside the exit on a collision course with me. And there was much quiet squeeing while walking away.


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