Oct. 30th, 2010

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I keep having thinky thoughts about that controversial Marie Claire article, despite the fact that the controversy is *so over* that the backlash has already come and gone. So I don't really want to talk about the article itself. Its very publication is going to go down as one of the great mind-boggling mysteries of the modern age, but the outrage is long over.

So I'll address the article's subject, instead. )
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As seen all over my flist:

All of you fanficcers out there, I want you to post a link to your most Halloween-ish story. Note, the story doesn't need to be about Halloween, or even take place at Halloween. Just the story that you think best fits the Halloween spirit.

Some ground rules:

1. It must be complete. No WiPs allowed.

2. Do NOT post just a link. Post all header information, such as title, fandom, pairing, trigger warnings, etc. (See below for an example.)

3. All fandoms welcome.

4. All pairings welcome.

5. All genres welcome. For example: If you think the story you've written that best fits the Halloween spirit scares the pants off people, fantastic! If you think the story you've written that best fits the Halloween spirit is a straight-up laugh-fest, fantastic!

It's a tough call between scary and Halloween-themed, but since I'm pretty sure I've linked to my SPN Halloween gen/humour story a million times, here's the one I consider my creepiest instead:

Crooked Legs
Supernatural, gen, 1635 words.
Summary: Sam goes through some changes.

Happy reading! Muahahaha!


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