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I just got offered a job! Way better pay and better benefits, so it's a total no-brainer. Plus, I have a feeling it'll be easier than what I do now, which is so often frustratingly vague. I'm gonna go from working all by myself to working in a cubicle hive, so that's a bit scary. And probably no more slacking and reading fic at work, which is a daunting thing. Still, it's not like my downtime here is oh so productive - I actually have been far less creative here with all this free time than I was when I worked 11 hour days at Blockbuster without having the chance to sit down. So, this downtime I have so much of here? Meaningless, really.

Anyway, I'd be insane not to take it!
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That's unusual news these days. Congrats!
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Ooo, congrats! :D


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