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2017-09-29 10:01 pm

Happy horror month!

Because Halloween month starts Sunday, I just blew the rest of my birthday Amazon giftcard on a bunch of horror books. But before hitting any of those, I'm going to start with House of Leaves which I abandoned a few years ago (it's sooooo long and soooo heavy but soooo creepy).

I mean like literally heavy, I can't take it anywhere.

Anyway, so excited for scary things!


Things went from "not much on the horizon" to of insane in my life in no time at all. I'm going to my 20th high school reunion tomorrow, and there is some exciting work stuff in the works which means more responsibility, but also maybe less pressure to perform at superhuman levels, and although I literally just got back a week ago, I may be travelling again really soon.


I also have been re-reading my old fic as part of the first tasks in The Anatomy of Story, trying to figure out what I want out of stories and what kinds of ideas I gravitate toward. The intent was to use the lists as a starting point to find a really original, really *me* idea that I would be passionate about and would be able to write a whole book or screenplay about.

Instead I got stuck on this drabble sequence and how unsatisfied I am with it as a whole... and how much I think it might benefit from being fleshed way, way out.

So, I am considering writing a novel-length, Harmony-centric, queer and possibly gender-fluid fanfiction now. Nanowrimo, anyone?
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2017-05-10 08:23 pm

A message to every basic bitch out there

If you're anything like me, you bought Erik Larson's The Devil In The White City several years ago when it was getting a lot of buzz, and then you never actually read it.

Oh my god, pick that thing up and start reading. I'm almost 300 pages in right now, and it is among the top 3 books I think I've ever read. As gruesome as it can be, it's a complete goddamn pleasure to read, to the point where I often read bits of it out loud to whoever's around. I really don't want it to end.
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2017-04-30 09:50 pm

Christmas in May

AND someone leaked the first 10 episodes of Orange is the New Black Season 5!
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2017-04-30 09:30 pm

Things to look forward to

Got a great week coming up. I have a new girl starting tomorrow and she's bilingual, which is sorely needed right now on our team. I haven't trained anyone in ages because my co-supervisor's team is the one that keeps losing members so she's gotten the last 3 new recruits, but this one is mine. I'm a bit apprehensive as I feel I'm pretty terrible at training folks one-on-one and especially at becoming comfortable enough with them to treat them as members of the team, but whatever... it'll come. I hope we don't terrify her on the first day.

Then on Thursday I've got my tix to Guardians Vol. 2 already - Imax 3D of course!

Then Friday morning my cousin and I are heading off for a mini-break at a Hotel & Spa in the Laurentiens.

Very excited and of course starting to pray I don't get sick, since I've spent both the last weekends around people with colds. I know, right? How dare they.

And right now? I get to watch the Anne finale. Anyone who wants to join me can go to [community profile] green_gables and join up to make it less pathetic (I am the only member and only poster, although I did get one comment! Haha!)

Some thoughts on Anne episode 7, "Wherever You Are Is My Home", the first season finale (cross-posting to my sad little comm):

AKA the episode where I fell in love with Jerry Baynard )
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2017-04-26 10:00 pm

Comings and goings and Anne

Given the state of LJ and the major migration to DW going on, I'm considering stopping my crossposts and just posting here starting pretty soon. I don't want to do a full import. There's a reason I started feeling stifled by my own LJ there at some point.

That said, I have a feeling I'm going to be much more active in the next little while. That's because I've been watching Anne on CBC and am completely taken with how they're bending the Anne of Green Gables canon and changing the characters from those I know from the books and from the other previous films. This past episode (number 7) blew my mind on several levels and there is so much fanwork to be done, you guys. So many things suddenly open for interpretation and I just want to sink on into it.

So I am hoping to scare up a few other Canadians who've had the chance to see it, and want to play around in that sandbox.And soon, when it hits Netlix, maybe the rest of you will come along. Don't expect it to be the story you already know. Expect more.

To that end, I created [community profile] green_gables as a comm where Anne folks can eventually converge. It's literally just a name and an empty community at this point, so I still have to set it up and, you know, let people know it exists... but I actually just went nuts and made like 25 icons for the show that I'm going to be posting there in a minute. So, I guess once I get around to informing folks of its existence, it'll actually have a bit of content.
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2017-01-25 10:38 pm

Healthy as Fuck

Guys, I'm finally watching Insecure and it is the BEST SHOW I'VE SEEN IN YEARS. Seriously obsessed with Issa Rae. Somehow her just rocking a Prince shirt while looking totally put together is making me feel like putting in some effort. I've been thinking about dying my hair a kickass colour and starting to wear makeup again.

And writing something that kicks this much ass. But I'll start with the hair and the cool t-shirt.

Here's something amusing that happened today: seems like every day I read Twitter to the point of total exhausted outrage and then I come home and spin around not knowing what to do, and I make shitty food decisions out of anger and despair. Today, after I caved and ordered a ton of unhealthy food, the pizza place's app added a free salad to my order and it seemed like the funniest, most absurdly on-the-nose thing that's ever happened to me.

"Looks like you're trying to eat your feelings," said Pizza Pizza's version of Mr. Clippy. "How about some greens? Don't be totally disgusting."


In other news I am starting to think about reclaiming my second bedroom. I got a sofa bed to go in there because I thought folks would be over here all the time but aside from my folks coming maybe 3 times in a year and a half, no one really spends any time here but me. And the room is awkwardly shaped, so the sofa bed takes up basically the entire space, making it unusable.

Thinking of selling the barely used sofa bed on Kijiji/Craigslist and putting in a desk and/or multipurpose table and setting up my guitars/mic stands etc. A small desk would actually be fantastic on the slanted wall, the same wall that makes the room feel awkwardly shaped in the first place. Then whenever anyone comes over I can just pull out my inflatable double mattress.

But somehow I think my family will take me getting rid of the sofa as an attempt to make them feel guilty for not spending more time at my place. Because they do that. To the point of being delusional, sometimes.
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2017-01-21 04:30 pm

Kind of weird timing here.

For some reason I felt the urge to write here even though I have to take off in less than 10 minutes.

Happy Women's March day everyone... I wish it wasn't necessary but I'm very glad it's happening.

Essentially, just a quick update: I am going to start writing here more.

I am going to keep primarily posting to DW but still cross-post to LJ (for now)... mostly because of a couple of people I don't want to leave behind on LJ. Maybe eventually we'll all survive a migration but for now it seems we're still suspended over a void.

I've been writing movie reviews for a website. I like the people who are my co-pro-bono-workers there. We don't get paid, but we do get to see stuff that isn't commercially available yet - sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it's torture. This is it, if you're curious.

One minute left!
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2015-07-27 07:52 pm

Crash bang.

So, I moved. I had pledged to write more in between, but... I lied, I guess?

Boo to me.

New things both real life related and otherwise:

- My dog is getting used to being alone during the day and to hearing other people in the building. For a while things were really dire with her and I was worried I was ruining her life and it might be better just to give her to my parents, where she's happy. But she's slowly growing accustomed. Every day it gets a little easier to get her to eat. And every work day she freaks out at me a little less when I get home. And when my parents' dog comes to visit she literally cannot abide his presence.

- I still haven't remembered what I used to do with my time before I started spending all of it on the bus. It's a process. It'll come back to me. Sure is relaxing to have so little to do...

- I wrote Portal fic for [community profile] not_primetime with which I am only partly satisfied. I hit most of the notes I wanted to hit with it, but it went tonally weird and the final result is way darker than I meant it to be. I also am not sure it's entirely necessary, as a story. But I did get to turn a couple of clever phrases, so I'm happy. I'll probably repost it here eventually, but for now you can read it at AO3.

- There is a giant thunderstorm going on over here right now! Puppy is not into it at all.

- I watched all of Hannibal minus this past week's episode, all over the last 4 days or so. Marathoned something like 12 episodes of it just yesterday, actually, and I can't even tell you how weird my sleep was last night. What is the fandom for this show like? I'm afraid to look. o__O
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2015-05-04 08:51 pm

Why I didn't write a Dear Not-Prime-Time Writer letter

Basically? My brief(ish) comments on the form itself are all you need to know. I am up for ANYTHING since I've been out of fandom for so long and I'm just dipping my toes back in now. I really want to be surprised and I promise I am *really* easy, I will read just about anything as long as it's written with enthusiasm for the subject. If I can tell that you had fun, I'm having fun ;)


In real-life news, we got busy today and forgot to pick up a case of cat food at the vet, so to tide us over until tomorrow, my dad just went to the store and bought a single can of cat food. Somewhere out there, there's a cashier who sold a single can of cat food to a 63 year-old man tonight and is probably really sad about what that MEANS. Poor kid.


Still in job limbo between 2 positions. Luckily, plenty to do in job limbo since I am in 2 positions at once.


I'm doing research for my own Not-Prime-Time assignment tonight. Which means I'm playing video games. ALL EVENING LONG. YASSSSS.
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2015-04-30 11:17 pm

Piece of cake... right?

So I just signed up for [community profile] not_primetime at the very last second.

Hilariously, looking at the numbers, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person both requesting and offering a certain fandom.

Three to one I get matched with myself! :D


In other news, work is insane because my managers and supervisors literally seem to be revising my job description on a daily basis. Yesterday myself and a co-worker were told we were taking over all of Foreign Service but also continuing to take on a full file load at our regular jobs, essentially operating at 150% compared to our 4 other coworkers doing the same job and making the same salary. Today I was told I'm fully transitioning over on Monday without the entire other job, and he's just going to be training as my backup. So I really have no idea what tomorrow will bring.

fI know what I want to have happen... I mean, obviously what I was told today is not as enraging as what I was told yesterday. But I'm wary of believing too much in the favourable scenario, because over the last year I've been almost constantly in a position of being expected to perform dazzling feats of multi-tasking. From January to April I was technically working 3 jobs at once.

I'm fuckng tired, man. Can I just learn one goddamn job and do it for more than a week in a row?
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2015-04-27 11:15 pm

Wow. Wow.

Just finished watching What Maisie Knew, which my dad and I figured would be a fine way to kill a few hours. It just had that look of a movie that you wait for it to be on TV when you have nothing else to do. You know, nothing much.

I was so wrong. This film will stay with me. It was so beautiful, and haunting and just... unsettling in a very real way. Highly recommend. Like, I went looking for gen fic afterwards, because there is so much to unpack here, about childhood and what kids absorb and understand, and the effects of both indifference and kindness. And I found four! I'll be savouring these slowly.

Anyway! Top five meme time! [ profile] ellel asked me to name my top 5 songs that you must always have on your 'favorite songs' playlist. I thought about it all day! Even though I actually had a really busy day at work where I had to give an hour-long presentation to a dozen people about to go work abroad, and then had one-on-one meetings with a bunch of them, too. In the back of my head the whole time, I was going "Oooh, can't forget Le Tigre!"

Because I am an epic multitasker, and I'll defend that until the day I die. So there. (We had a debate about this at work, so I am really serious about my multi-abilities now. I must not be doubted.)

Top 5 songs that must be on every playlist I make:

1. Neko Case - Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis (Tom Waits cover)
This song hasn't been in rotation for nearly as long as some of my others (about 3 years, I'd say) but I don't think I have ever skipped it, not even once. It is fantastic to sing along to, and just so damn tragic and theatrical.

2. Le Tigre - My My Metrocard
This one's been on my playlist for AGES. I almost included a different Le Tigre song but I figured it wouldn't be fair to this one, since this was my first Le Tigre song ever. I still have to fight the urge to stat running down the sidewalk when it comes on my headphones.

3. Betty Wright - Shoorah Shoorah
Someone included this on a mixtape I downloaded like 10 years ago. I knew nothing about Betty Wright - in fact this is the first time I've ever looked up a video of her. She looks better than I could have imagined, OMG. And I love her little dance she does during the instrumental bit - so goofy and endearing. Another song I have never once skipped! It is soooo much fun to sing, because you can get really bluesy and throaty with it, but it still has a lot of drive. And I feel like such a badass when I'm listening to it.

4. TV On The Radio - Family Tree
This was an album I downloaded because it was declared Time's Album of the Year for whatever year it was and then didn't pay much attention to. Then one day this song just came on and I started paying attention in the middle of it, sort of gradually focusing on this building, slow, driving sound. It really hooked me.

5. Yo La Tengo - Sugarcube
There are other, better (I guess) Yo La Tengo songs, but this is the single song I have put on my more playlists, mixtapes and mix CDs than any other song, *period*. It just so perfectly represents what I found when I got into Yo La Tengo, a kind of music that exists completely separately from the alt-folk I'd been listening to up to that point. Yo La Tengo layer so many sounds on top of each other that the songs become opaque and SOLID to me. But I think I've included it in more mixes than any other song in my history because it's so versatile. It's kind of a happy pop song. It's kind of aggressive. It's also kind of vulnerable, that blood and sugar imagery... I can fit that into a lot of themes.
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2012-02-10 09:06 am

Gilmore Girls fic rec!

The Best Of It - Part 1 of ?
Synopsis: Paris outs herself and Rory during a televised argument with Michele Bachmann. Peskiest of all is the fact that Paris and Rory aren't actually dating. A documentary crew wants to make Paris And Rory: Love In Stars Hollow anyway. Meanwhile, Rory goes slowly and quietly nuts. (And doesn't like Paris like that -- why would you even suggest such a thing?? Not that ... anyone did.)

“Now, now, now,” Taylor says. “Not so fast. There are serious potential repercussions here that need to be addressed. Such as: what if the Tea Party declares war on Stars Hollow?”

“Then it’s a good thing we’ve got such a valiant troop of Revolutionary War re-enactors!” Rory says as perkily as she can.
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2012-01-23 10:57 pm

"You better be goddamn happy."

I just showed Melancholia to my family. I wanted to do it before the Oscar nominations came out, before it was snubbed and my dad was able to dismiss it as an unimportant film. Which sounds overly specific, I know, but I can predict his words pretty well. Also, those damn Oscar snubbinations.

My tenses did something strange in that paragraph, didn't they?

Anyway, they watched it. My dad was very unsettled by it, as I thought he might be. His mother's been mentally ill his whole life. He says the only character he was able to relate to was the little boy. I almost feel bad for showing it to him.

To me, every moment of Kirsten Dunst's performance feels so truthful. I'm embarrassed to say how much I relate to it, because I'm afraid it might make people think of me as an unstable basketcase. So that was a weird post-movie discussion.

So now we're watching Wipeout to cheer ourselves up. It's working... a little.

By the way, I'm only putting movies on my list that I haven't seen before, so:

2012 Movies
#3: 2012-01-21 - Drones (long-awaited and amusing)
#4: 2012-01-21 - Goodbye Solo (slow to start, but worth it for the great performance by Souleymane Sy Savane)

2012 Books
#3: 2012-01-17 to 2012-01-19 - True Grit, Charles Portis
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2012-01-19 07:57 pm

Book talk

Happy Buffy's Birthday, everyone!

It's a little freakish how much I've been enjoying winter so far. I even shoveled. On purpose.

I finished Stephen King's Desperation a few days ago and now every Canesten commercial I see fills me with revulsion. It was truly his most viscerally grotesque book, and I say that having read most, but not all of his books - it can only be tied in grossness, never surpassed. And I have read some disgusting shit!

I found it reasonably compelling, and the kid at its centre was endlessly fascinating as a character. The end felt rushed, though, and almost forcibly expels the reader from the inner journey of one of its main characters, whose thoughts and POV have been prevalent all along. That was odd.

It was no 11.22.63 or Under The Dome, both of which I read in the past couple of months.

Despite my lukewarm review, Desperation's companion book, The Regulators, is in my virtual to-read pile for sometime later this year. I've never read a Bachman book before, so that should be interesting.

Right now I'm nearly done with Charles Portis's True Grit, which is a fantastic read, although a bit redundant if you've seen the Cohen brothers movie. They stayed so close to the book it's almost uncomfortable. I've seen the movie 4 times and I can almost anticipate the end of the sentence I'm reading when I turn the page.

I expect I'll be adding that one to the list tomorrow. But for now:

2012 Books:
#2: 2012-01-06 to 2012-01-16 - Desperation, Stephen King
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2012-01-08 04:48 pm

Introduction to traditional Quebecois cuisine.

Went to the yearly get-together at my uncle's house last night. He usually makes delicious spaghetti sauce, but in the last few years he seems to have concluded that we're sick of his spaghetti, because, you know, we have it once a year and all. So he's gotten creative. Yesterday's meal was provided by his girlfriend, who is a dyed-in-the-wool Saguenay/Lac St-Jean Quebecoise.

She made cipaille, which is like the Quebec meat pie you hear typically about, except with about 900% more weird gamey meat, and a strange ulcerous hole in the top. I'm not a big meat-eater, and I came home feeling so sick I was convinced we were all about to have a super fun night of food poisoning. Turns out I was the only one who felt sick, and the pill I took to deal with that (at 11 o'clock last night) is still making me feel totally stoned 18 hours later.

On that note, how do you feel about the following?

There is a certain bathroom at my office where someone keeps leaving religious leaflets and postcards with honest-to-Hades handwritten bible verses on the back. Not just on the counter, but on the mirrors and in the stalls tucked into the toilet paper dispensers. Now, I am about one postcard away from pulling out a red Sharpie and scribbling, "This is inappropriate - people are trying to masturbate in here!" underneath the bible quotes.

Good idea, or totally inadvisable? Help me out here - I've lost all perspective.
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2012-01-04 09:58 pm

100% more posts than last year!

Mission already accomplished! Yaaaay.

2012 is starting out very well, with lots of shoes. I received 2 pairs of Fluevogs today from the Man Himself (Ida Clarks in black and beige, and vegan Raquels in orange corduroy that I got on sale) and I've got another one coming from a very fortuitous eBay win (Lovers in a discontinued burgundy/beige). Yes, I know that sounds completely insane, but, well, I've always been a collector. After this, I'll have a pair for each day of the week, so that'll be convenient, right?

Anyway, meet my dog Ramona )

Annnd... here's the start of my 2012 Book & Movie Cultural Extravaganza!

#1: 2012-01-02 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1
#2: 2012-01-03 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

#1: 2012-01-03 to 2012-01-04 - The Lathe of Heaven, Ursula K. Le Guin

As the last person to see the Potter films, I have very little in the way of a review. The Le Guin book is awesome, as was to be expected. Stephen King's Desperation is next!
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2010-11-04 08:25 am

You wake up a failure every day.

You guys, I am banned from checking my flist until I finish my NaNoWriMo words for the day and go shopping. This is because, due to NaNoWriMo and the total shake-up to my schedule while waiting for the new job to start, I FORGOT YESTERDAY WAS NEW COMIC BOOK DAY. D:

The store called me at seven last night to tell me my holds were in, and I was like, "It's WEDNESDAY???" They laughed at me. Whoops!

And well, it's not that I don't trust you guys to cut your cutables, it's that I don't trust me not to click them. *whimpers*

Meanwhile, NaNoWriMo (that hated awful-sounding acronym) is going pretty well. I've been keeping almost-a-whole-day ahead the whole time, and my goal for today is to break that "almost" and carry around a full day's buffer.

I partly credit the awful NaNo stats page for my good progress. I have no idea what moron thought it would be a good idea to tell people who were ahead in their word goals that they were having an "unsuccessful day" just because they'd only added 500 words today to their bank of 12,000 from yesterday. Not to mention the fact that it tells you first thing in the morning that you're having an unsuccessful day so far! Congrats, it's 7am and you've done nothing yet, failure!

Deeper into stats. )
All this to say that, um, the annoying stats issue has actually fuelled my rage and caused me to do well. But not in any way that makes me want to keep the stats the way they are. Negative feedback? Seriously? In the least negative program this side of... damn, I can't think of anything more positive and encourage-y than NaNoWriMo was before this year. I'm sure even Up With People had its seedy underbelly.
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2010-10-30 04:19 pm


As seen all over my flist:

All of you fanficcers out there, I want you to post a link to your most Halloween-ish story. Note, the story doesn't need to be about Halloween, or even take place at Halloween. Just the story that you think best fits the Halloween spirit.

Some ground rules:

1. It must be complete. No WiPs allowed.

2. Do NOT post just a link. Post all header information, such as title, fandom, pairing, trigger warnings, etc. (See below for an example.)

3. All fandoms welcome.

4. All pairings welcome.

5. All genres welcome. For example: If you think the story you've written that best fits the Halloween spirit scares the pants off people, fantastic! If you think the story you've written that best fits the Halloween spirit is a straight-up laugh-fest, fantastic!

It's a tough call between scary and Halloween-themed, but since I'm pretty sure I've linked to my SPN Halloween gen/humour story a million times, here's the one I consider my creepiest instead:

Crooked Legs
Supernatural, gen, 1635 words.
Summary: Sam goes through some changes.

Happy reading! Muahahaha!
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2010-10-30 03:22 pm

sitcoms, how do they work?

I keep having thinky thoughts about that controversial Marie Claire article, despite the fact that the controversy is *so over* that the backlash has already come and gone. So I don't really want to talk about the article itself. Its very publication is going to go down as one of the great mind-boggling mysteries of the modern age, but the outrage is long over.

So I'll address the article's subject, instead. )