Jan. 25th, 2017

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Guys, I'm finally watching Insecure and it is the BEST SHOW I'VE SEEN IN YEARS. Seriously obsessed with Issa Rae. Somehow her just rocking a Prince shirt while looking totally put together is making me feel like putting in some effort. I've been thinking about dying my hair a kickass colour and starting to wear makeup again.

And writing something that kicks this much ass. But I'll start with the hair and the cool t-shirt.

Here's something amusing that happened today: seems like every day I read Twitter to the point of total exhausted outrage and then I come home and spin around not knowing what to do, and I make shitty food decisions out of anger and despair. Today, after I caved and ordered a ton of unhealthy food, the pizza place's app added a free salad to my order and it seemed like the funniest, most absurdly on-the-nose thing that's ever happened to me.

"Looks like you're trying to eat your feelings," said Pizza Pizza's version of Mr. Clippy. "How about some greens? Don't be totally disgusting."


In other news I am starting to think about reclaiming my second bedroom. I got a sofa bed to go in there because I thought folks would be over here all the time but aside from my folks coming maybe 3 times in a year and a half, no one really spends any time here but me. And the room is awkwardly shaped, so the sofa bed takes up basically the entire space, making it unusable.

Thinking of selling the barely used sofa bed on Kijiji/Craigslist and putting in a desk and/or multipurpose table and setting up my guitars/mic stands etc. A small desk would actually be fantastic on the slanted wall, the same wall that makes the room feel awkwardly shaped in the first place. Then whenever anyone comes over I can just pull out my inflatable double mattress.

But somehow I think my family will take me getting rid of the sofa as an attempt to make them feel guilty for not spending more time at my place. Because they do that. To the point of being delusional, sometimes.


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