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Kath ([personal profile] sugar) wrote2017-04-30 09:30 pm

Things to look forward to

Got a great week coming up. I have a new girl starting tomorrow and she's bilingual, which is sorely needed right now on our team. I haven't trained anyone in ages because my co-supervisor's team is the one that keeps losing members so she's gotten the last 3 new recruits, but this one is mine. I'm a bit apprehensive as I feel I'm pretty terrible at training folks one-on-one and especially at becoming comfortable enough with them to treat them as members of the team, but whatever... it'll come. I hope we don't terrify her on the first day.

Then on Thursday I've got my tix to Guardians Vol. 2 already - Imax 3D of course!

Then Friday morning my cousin and I are heading off for a mini-break at a Hotel & Spa in the Laurentiens.

Very excited and of course starting to pray I don't get sick, since I've spent both the last weekends around people with colds. I know, right? How dare they.

And right now? I get to watch the Anne finale. Anyone who wants to join me can go to [community profile] green_gables and join up to make it less pathetic (I am the only member and only poster, although I did get one comment! Haha!)

Some thoughts on Anne episode 7, "Wherever You Are Is My Home", the first season finale (cross-posting to my sad little comm):

OK, every time I warn the Americans that this show is dark as shit, it gets darker. This week's adventure with Matthew and the revolver almost tipped over into absurd and darkly hilarious... but I loved it? OMG I'm so on board with this show I might not be seeing straight.

Also, this week in intertextuality, the guy who plays Matthew wears little round reading glasses that are left over from his previous role as timid beanpole lighthouse keeper Gus on Road to Avonlea, a very subtle, very cute touch.

How adorable is Jerry from start to finish in this episode? I was so disappointed yet appreciative when Marilla went out right away to let him know he was losing his job, and then for him to agree to accompany Anne into town anyway, in spite of being obviously nervous... And his lovely French Canadian singing that annoyed Anne - I swear in that moment I started actually shipping it for a split-second. But after his arrival at Aunt Josephine's, assuming he would sleep in the barn, and his sweet admission to Anne that he'd never slept alone before, now I just want the Cuthberts to adopt him too and for his folks to thank them for one less mouth to feed and for him and Anne to grow up as siblings and for him to get kinda chubby and have his own room and raise ponies.

And Gilbert is a dock worker now??? Like, a STEVEDORE??? How what what what what???? How is his story this twisted away from what we know? Can we even assume they'll come close to getting together? If they do, it'll be under much different circumstances now, especially if he's a merchant marine before he turns 16.

Oh, also in the dark as shit category: the evil thieving boarders ominously on the way to fuck up Green Gables. What is with this show and the worst cliffhangers you can think of?? I mean, it's like I'm watching the Walking Dead. Must we always be on the brink of rape, murder or grand larceny? Not fair! But so good.

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