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Kath ([personal profile] sugar) wrote2015-07-27 07:52 pm

Crash bang.

So, I moved. I had pledged to write more in between, but... I lied, I guess?

Boo to me.

New things both real life related and otherwise:

- My dog is getting used to being alone during the day and to hearing other people in the building. For a while things were really dire with her and I was worried I was ruining her life and it might be better just to give her to my parents, where she's happy. But she's slowly growing accustomed. Every day it gets a little easier to get her to eat. And every work day she freaks out at me a little less when I get home. And when my parents' dog comes to visit she literally cannot abide his presence.

- I still haven't remembered what I used to do with my time before I started spending all of it on the bus. It's a process. It'll come back to me. Sure is relaxing to have so little to do...

- I wrote Portal fic for [community profile] not_primetime with which I am only partly satisfied. I hit most of the notes I wanted to hit with it, but it went tonally weird and the final result is way darker than I meant it to be. I also am not sure it's entirely necessary, as a story. But I did get to turn a couple of clever phrases, so I'm happy. I'll probably repost it here eventually, but for now you can read it at AO3.

- There is a giant thunderstorm going on over here right now! Puppy is not into it at all.

- I watched all of Hannibal minus this past week's episode, all over the last 4 days or so. Marathoned something like 12 episodes of it just yesterday, actually, and I can't even tell you how weird my sleep was last night. What is the fandom for this show like? I'm afraid to look. o__O

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