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Dear fic-hating snobs: you can hate all you want, but step the hell off Gregory Maguire while you do it. Thank you.


Dear defendants of fic-as-hobby: please stop comparing fanfic to needlecraft. They are not the same thing, at all. Sure, they can both be hobbies. But one is an exploration of the boundaries of fictional worlds, and a contribution to an ever-changing, pretty much infinite collective mythology. The other is an exploration of yarn. I have knit in the past. Believe me, it's different.


I think this may have been the overall worst week of regular-season TV since 2004. Wait. Actually, come to think of it, make that 1995. I'm using X-Files' "Anasazi" or thereabouts as a reference point. Basically, it hasn't been this bad since invisible zoo animals tried to trample Mulder and Scully. In my opinion, anyway. :(


That said, it just makes me love fandom that much more. You guys rule. We've had such tough times these past few weeks, and yet I have seen such amazing courage, wisdom, humour, flexibility and strength from so many of you.


My family and I have been working our way through Michael Apted's Up Series one disc at a time. We received 28 Up the other day, but I think we're all too scared to watch it. It is so hard to watch some of these kids spiral out of control by stages, knowing this all happened 30 years ago and there's nothing you can do about it. Neil, what will have become of you when I put the disc in? :\


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